The China Silk Road Rally a unique immersive cross road rally
19 Jun 2015

Hubert Auriol’s new challenge: the 80 day Race

Hubert Auriol launches the 80DR, the first racing event over the world using clean and energy-efficient vehicles. A real adventure !

The 3-times Paris-Dakar Winner and Director of the China Grand Rally is of course part of the project. The man for the job !

“When I heard of this 80 Day Race race for the first time, I felt like 30 years ago when Thierry Sabine announced that he was about to organize a big racing event from Paris to Dakar. A crazy idea but the event still exists today ! At this moment, I knew that I had to participate and I did it. It changed my life ! As for me, the 80 Day race is kind of the same challenge. But the race adapts itself to global concerns like climate change. The main goal is to speed up the development of clean-coal technology.”

The start of the race will be given in april 2017 under the Eiffel Tower. A 80 day race to pay tribute to Jules Verne’s novel “Le Tour du Monde en 80 jours”. Each stage will be 5000 kms long.

But first, there will be the China Grand Rally. From August 29th to September 12th.


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